Darren Soto
Democrat for Congress


Every Florida Democratic Member of Congress Endorses Soto


All 10 fellow Democratic Members of the Florida Delegation in the U.S. House of Representatives endorse Darren Soto for re-election.

Darren is a strong Democrat who unites our community every day in Congress. He builds consensus and works with his colleagues to get things done for Florida's families. For these reasons and others, he has been endorsed by every Florida Democratic Member of Congress. 

Said Representative Lois Frankel, “Darren Soto is one of the finest new leaders of his generation. He is all that women hope for in a male ally -- he supports equal rights for women across the board; he fights for a woman's right to choose 100% of the time; he demands healthcare for women and families; and he practices what he preaches -- he hires women equally, promotes women equally, and pays women equally -- and he has the stats to prove it.

Darren is not afraid to stand for what's right. Before Parkland, his community was torn apart by gun violence. And he stood up, he took on the NRA. He will not forget the victims of gun violence when the media moves on. Soto will work day and night until our children our protected from guns. 

Darren succeeds the old fashioned way -- through hard work. Darren is a new-generation leader who isn't afraid to roll up his sleeves and do the work you need to do to succeed. He's pragmatic, he's in public service to get stuff done for Florida.  He served in the trenches in Tallahassee like I did. He's seen every dirty trick the Republicans pull, and he has fought them all -- without the name-calling and childishness that often consumes Washington.”

Soto said: "I'm honored and humbled to have the endorsement of all of my colleagues in the Florida Democratic delegation. We are working every day to make life better for Florida's families, for our students and retirees, for our environment, farms and small businesses. And we will not stop."

Soto has now been endorsed by:

Representative Al Lawson (FL-04), Representative Stephanie Murphy (FL-07), Representative Val Demings (FL-10), Representative Charlie Crist (FL-13), Representative Kathy Castor (FL-14), Representative Alcee Hastings (FL-20), Representative Lois Frankel (FL-21), Representative Ted Deutch (FL-22), Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL-23), Representative Frederica Wilson (FL-24)

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Harry Kruglik