Darren Soto
Democrat for Congress

Jobs and Economy

Jobs & the Economy


I’m focused on bringing high-paying, high tech jobs to Central Florida by funding local initiatives:

  • $15 million to help build a high-tech sensor manufacturing facility in Kissimmee
  • $25 million to develop the Poinciana campus of Valencia College.
  •  Millions of dollars for high-tech training (UCF RESTORES)
  • More funding for medical research in Lake Nona (Nemours) -->  Millions of National Early Child Care Collaboratives Program (Nemours)
  • Millions of dollars in increased funding for NASA and commercial space flight (Cape Canaveral)

Next: I’m working on funding to develop a high-tech sensors manufacturing center in Osceola County.

I am fighting for long overdue investments to modernize our roads, bridges, schools, water systems, and clean energy capacity. These investments in our country are what created the middle class, and renewed investment would help local business and provide employment and purpose to Floridians currently out of work.


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