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No more offshore drilling


If we don’t defend our coasts, Florida’s livelihood is at stake.

But corporate polluters and their political allies are fighting tooth and nail to do away with critical regulations that protect our land, water, and people from pollution and climate change.

Donald Trump himself signed an executive action to expand offshore drilling along our coasts – an unmistakable threat to our ecosystem and communities, particularly here in Florida.

Join me in fighting back: Sign my petition to tell Trump to stand up for our coasts and stop new offshore drilling!

Together, we can turn back the tide on climate change and build the clean energy future we need now. In Congress, I’m fighting to invest in renewable energy sources and to educate a new generation of scientists to conquer the challenges ahead. We’ve made tremendous progress, but we can’t afford to go backward.

Let’s keep up the fight for the health and safety of our community: Add your name right now to tell Donald Trump to stop new offshore drilling!


Posted on May 17, 2017.