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My first month in Congress


Just over a month ago, I raised my right hand and took the oath to serve in Congress. As I’m sure you can tell, it’s been busy!

When Donald Trump signed a sweeping executive order on immigration it created chaos nationwide as travelers were discriminated against and unlawfully detained by border security. His order goes against every value that makes our country great – and I’m thankful that so many people took action and stood up for our immigrants.

That Sunday, I went to Orlando International Airport to find out how I could help reunite three detained travelers with their families in Central Florida. Amid the chaos and uncertainty, I worked closely with immigration attorneys to get clear answers from airport authorities. And thanks to relentless public pressure by grassroots activists, our effort was successful in releasing the travelers.

Trump’s executive order is fundamentally un-American. It goes against the Constitution’s ban on religious discrimination, our rich multicultural heritage, and our legacy of welcoming those fleeing war and persecution.

I’m glad to see that a federal judge in Washington State has temporarily blocked the orders. In Congress, I’m doing everything I can to stand up for our American values.

The road ahead is long, but together, we can build a movement to win the fight for our progressive values. Stay tuned. More later.

Posted on February 13, 2017.