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Sign my petition: Reject voter suppression


Having the right to vote and participate in our democracy is a fundamental part of what it means to be American. It's a right that many in our nation's history have fought for, over many years and often at great personal cost, in order to fully realize.

We should be honoring that legacy by ensuring that it is easy for all Americans to cast a ballot and have their voices heard in our elections. Instead, Donald Trump and the GOP want to restrict voting rights for their own political advantage. Act now to reject voter suppression!

Voter fraud is extremely rare. Yet, Trump's wasted taxpayer dollars creating a commission with the goal of investigating his baseless claims. In reality, Republicans are suppressing the vote amongst people of color, low-income adults, students. and seniors.

We have to stand up for our Democracy:Sign my petition telling Congress to reject Trump's voter suppression effort!

Trump and his Republican allies want to make it harder for our most vulnerable communities to exercise their constitutional rights. In Congress, I'm fighting to ensure that all Americans are able to participate in our Democracy.

Join me and sign the petition rejecting Trump's voter suppression! 



Posted on June 20, 2017.