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Latest News & Updates

June 20, 2017Sign my petition: Reject voter suppression
June 8, 2017We have to take action on climate change
May 25, 2017Petition: The truth, nothing but the truth
May 17, 2017No more offshore drilling
May 12, 2017The truth is always a threat to evil men.
March 25, 2017Trumpcare was pulled! Now what?
Feb. 13, 2017My first month in Congress
Nov. 15, 2016The fight ahead
Nov. 7, 2016Barack Obama da su endoso oficial a Darren Soto - El Nuevo Dia
Nov. 7, 2016After warming up for Barack Obama, Darren Soto announces his endorsement in CD 9 - Florida Politics
Nov. 7, 2016Darren Soto wins President Obama’s endorsement
Nov. 4, 2016United Farm Workers Endorse Darren Soto in 9th Congressional District contest - Orlando Political Observer
Nov. 1, 2016Searching for Political Power - El Nuevo Dia
Oct. 31, 2016Asociación de Constructores endosa a Darren Soto para el Congreso - El Nuevo Dia
Oct. 31, 2016Meet Darren Soto, poised to make history as first Florida Puerto Rican in Congress - Fox News Latino
Oct. 31, 2016Puerto Rican Darren Soto Takes to the Streets - El Nuevo Dia
Oct. 27, 2016VIDEO: Watch the FL-9 Congressional Debate!
Oct. 14, 2016Luis Gutierrez and Darren Soto push Puerto Rican voter turnout in Orlando - Orlando Political Observer
Oct. 13, 2016Tell Congress: Ban fracking on public lands!
Oct. 13, 2016LGBTQ Visibility at Orlando Congressional Debate - Human Rights Campaign
Oct. 12, 2016Planned Parenthood joins Team Soto!
Oct. 11, 20169th District candidates Soto, Liebnitzky differ on priorities, focus - News 13
Oct. 4, 2016Liebnitzky, Soto face off in congressional race - Orlando Sentinel
Oct. 3, 2016Sign the Petition: No More Raids on Social Security!
Sept. 22, 2016Our race is heating up
Sept. 22, 2016Univision Florida Central transmitirá el debate entre Soto y Liebnitzky - Orlando Sentinel
Sept. 13, 2016Tell Mylan: Lower EpiPen Prices!
Sept. 7, 2016Act NOW to keep guns out of dangerous hands.
Aug. 31, 2016We did it!
Aug. 31, 2016Hispanos ganan candidaturas y van por puestos clave en la Florida Central - La Prensa
Aug. 28, 2016Plantan bandera los boricuas - El Nuevo Dia
Aug. 27, 2016Linda Sanchez and Darren Soto to caravana Kissimmee in CD 9 - Florida Politics
Aug. 24, 2016Early vote sites and dates
Aug. 22, 2016U.S. Rep. Brendan Boyle backs Darren Soto in CD 9 race - Florida Politics
Aug. 19, 2016“Hamilton” creator gives to Darren Soto’s campaign - SaintPetersBlog
Aug. 19, 2016'Hamilton' creator Lin-Manuel Miranda donated to Darren Soto campaign - Orlando Sentinel
Aug. 19, 2016‘Hamilton’ creator gives to Darren Soto’s campaign - Florida Politics
Aug. 18, 2016Darren Soto endorsed by United Automobile Workers in CD 9 race - Orlando Political Observer
Aug. 16, 2016Darren Soto announces Hispanic, Caribbean, Muslim caucus leaders’ endorsements - Florida Politics
Aug. 16, 2016Darren Soto endorsed by Dem Caucus Leaders in CD 9 race - Orlando Political Observer
Aug. 14, 2016Darren Soto: “Mi familia es la historia puertorriqueña en Florida” - El Nuevo Dia
Aug. 12, 2016Our picks for Congress: Darren Soto for District 9 - The Orlando Sentinel
Aug. 12, 2016BIG NEWS: Orlando Sentinel endorses Darren Soto!
Aug. 9, 2016VIDEO: Representante Xavier Becerra apoya a Darren Soto - Noticias Orlando
Aug. 9, 2016Xavier Becerra rallies with Darren Soto in Kissimmee for 9th Congressional primary run - Orlando Political Observer
Aug. 9, 2016Roundtable with Dreamers spotlights issues affecting Hispanics - The Ledger
Aug. 8, 2016Darren Soto recibirá apoyo de congresista Xavier Becerra - Orlando Sentinel
Aug. 4, 201681 years old and stronger than ever
Aug. 3, 2016Darren Soto Releases another Ad for his Congressional Race
Aug. 2, 2016Darren Soto drops second CD 9 TV ad focusing on seniors care - Florida Politics
Aug. 2, 2016Video: Darren Soto Releases Ad Focusing on Seniors - Orlando Political Observer
Aug. 2, 2016Our Democratic values
Aug. 2, 2016Darren Soto gets former Puerto Rico lieutenant governor’s endorsement - Florida Politics
Aug. 1, 2016“Women for Darren Soto” push back against Susannah Randolph mailer - Orlando Political Observer
July 29, 2016Facts matter.
July 27, 2016Uh, oh, one of our opponents was caught in a lie.
July 26, 2016Orange County Democratic Leaders push for improvements of care for disabled - Orlando Political Observer
July 21, 2016What's that smell?
July 20, 2016Florida Puerto Ricans will Decide the Presidential Race in the Biggest Swing State - Latina.com
July 18, 2016Love trumps hate
July 16, 2016Darren Soto announces $150K raised in the 2nd quarter of 2016 - Orlando Political Observer
July 15, 2016#JeSuisNice
July 13, 2016Strengthening Social Security
July 13, 2016Tell Congress: Take Action on Gun Violence!
July 12, 2016Darren Soto launching English, Spanish TV commercials in CD 9 - Florida Politics
July 11, 2016We're on the air!
July 11, 2016Video: Darren Soto drops two TV ads in 9th Congressional Contest - Orlando Political Observer
July 11, 2016Soto Releases First Congressional TV Ad - West Orlando News
July 6, 2016Tell Congress: Stop the TPP!
June 30, 2016Darren Soto picks up U.S. Rep. Hakeem Jeffries’ endorsement in CD 9 - Florida Politics
June 30, 2016Critics Hope No Fly, No Buy Legislation Stays Grounded - WFSU
June 29, 2016Florida Democrats call for a vote on special session - Florida Politics
June 29, 2016Darren Soto Endorsed by Mayor of Lake Wales in CD 9 race - Orlando Political Observer
June 28, 2016Dems Force Legislative Poll on Post-Pulse Special Session - Sunshine State News
June 28, 2016Democrats force poll of legislators on gun special session - Orlando Sentinel
June 28, 2016When free trade isn't fair: Why I oppose the TPP
June 27, 2016California Congressman Scott Peters endorses Darren Soto in CD9 - Orlando Political Observer
June 25, 2016Darren Soto gets laborers’ union endorsement in CD 9 race - Florida Politics
June 24, 2016LIUNA endorses Darren Soto in CD 9 - Orlando Political Observer
June 22, 2016Darren Soto gets gun-control congressman’s endorsement - Florida Politics
June 22, 2016Extraordinary times
June 22, 2016Connecticut Congressman Jim Himes endorses Darren Soto in CD9 - Orlando Political Observer
June 21, 2016Sen. Soto keeps up watchlist gun ban pressure, seeks poll of Legislature - Orlando Sentinel
June 13, 2016OUR community
June 12, 2016counseling, blood drives, vigils
May 20, 2016It's on!
May 12, 2016Crisis in Puerto Rico
May 9, 2016How will we stop Zika?
May 5, 2016Two amazing women:
April 22, 2016A win for women in Florida:
April 22, 2016What Earth Day is all about
April 20, 2016Tell the Supreme Court to protect immigrant families!
April 15, 2016Dear GOP: Stop holding the Supreme Court hostage!
April 14, 2016Tell Congress: Immigrant Children Need Lawyers!
April 12, 2016Equal Pay for Equal Work
March 23, 2016Progressive leaders have your back
March 11, 2016Today is a big day for me.
Feb. 22, 2016Sign the Petition: Stop GOP Voter Suppression!
Jan. 28, 2016Open up Florida to fracking? No way!
Jan. 25, 2016If we do nothing, the manatee could go extinct...

Meet Darren

Darren Soto is an accomplished lawyer, legislator, environmentalist, and proud progressive representing the diverse, hardworking people of Central Florida in Congress. Darren has been a champion for Florida's working families in the Florida House and Senate and will continue the fight in Congress. FacebookTwitter

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