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Immigration Reform

Passing comprehensive immigration reform – with a pathway to citizenship – must be at the top of our agenda. Our laws need to catch up with our values and with reality. We aren’t going to deport 11 million undocumented people, the vast majority of whom are working hard, paying taxes, playing by the rules, and contributing to our economy and our community.

In the Florida Legislature, I’ve worked across the aisle to get progressive priorities signed into law in a contentious political environment – including bills to allow DREAMers to pay in-state tuition at our public universities and to be admitted to the Florida Bar. Donald Trump wants to deport our DREAMers – I want them to contribute their talents and keep America great.

In Congress, I’m going to fight for comprehensive immigration reform starting on Day One.

Meet Darren

Darren Soto is an accomplished lawyer, legislator, environmentalist, and proud progressive representing the diverse, hardworking people of Central Florida in Congress. Darren has been a champion for Florida's working families in the Florida House and Senate and will continue the fight in Congress. FacebookTwitter

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