Darren Soto
Democrat for Congress




Since we started our reelection campaign, we’ve received tremendous support from progressive voices across Florida and at a national level. I’m so honored to be able to count on the support of local and national leaders and organizations, including the following:


Alliance for retired americans

Darren is proud to receive the endorsement of the Alliance for Retired Americans, which represents more than 4.4 million retirees, older Americans, and community activists to enhance the quality of life for older Americans.


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Center action fund

Darren is proud to receive the endorsement of the Center Action Fund, which “is devoted to electing county, state, and federal lawmakers with unshakeable environmental values, and promoting progressive policies and laws that protect endangered species, preserve public lands and ensure all people are free from harmful pollution.”

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Democratic veterans caucus of florida

Darren is proud to receive the endorsement of the Democratic Veterans Caucus of Florida, who said his “support of veteran issues in the US House” have shown Darren to be a true friend of veterans.

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the Orlando SentineL

Darren is proud to receive the endorsement of the Orlando Sentinel, who said "Darren Soto has served his district well since he was elected to the U.S. House in 2016."

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Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló

Darren is proud to receive the endorsement of Puerto Rico's governor, Ricardo Rosselló.

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SEIU Florida

Darren is proud to receive the endorsement of The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) of Florida, and to be the only candidate in this race to have the support of unions across Florida. SEIU represents 55,000 retired and active Floridians. SEIU Florida President Monica Russo said, “With ongoing attacks on union rights and the rights of poor and working people at every level of government, our members are standing up to fight and support candidates like you who they believe will stand alongside them and champion their issues.”

boricua vota

Darren is proud to receive the endorsement of Boricua Vota, whose mission is to ensure Puerto Ricans become involved in the U.S.' political processes.

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National organization for women (now) pac

The NOW PAC endorsed Darren Soto for his "dedication to feminist issues," as their Political Director, Linda Berg, stated. Darren is the only candidate in this race who respects women and stands up for women's equality.

National Nurses United

Darren is proud to receive the endorsement of National Nurses United, who said Darren "embodies nurses' values of caring, compassion and community."

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Pride Fund Large.jpg

Pride Fund to end gun violence PAC

Darren is proud to have the support of America’s only national LGBTQ political organization focused solely on gun violence prevention.

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Giffords PaC

Darren is proud to receive the endorsement of the Giffords PAC, who called him "a strong voice for commonsense gun laws in Congress.

The Giffords PAC is committed to taking action against gun violence by encouraging voters to elect leaders with the courage to pass laws that keep guns out of dangerous hands.

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san juan mayor Carmen Yuliín cruz

Darren is proud to receive the endorsement of San Juan's Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz, who called her endorsement "a commitment."

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democratic environmental caucus of florida

Darren is proud to receive the endorsement of the Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida, whose President, Michael Newett, expressed appreciation for Soto's "commitment to preserve, protect and enhance Florida's natural environment.

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Latino victory fund

Latino Victory Fund president Cristóbal J. Alex called Soto “a relentless advocate for Florida families.”

From protecting our environment for future generations to standing up to the NRA, he has earned his progressive stripes in Congress,” Alex said.

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National committee to preserve social security & medicare 

Darren is proud to receive the endorsement of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare, the nation's largest grassroots citizens' organization devoted to our retirement future that endorses candidates for public office.

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equality pac.png

Equality pac

Darren is proud to receive the endorsement of the Equality PAC, which works to bring nearer the full legal and societal equality of LGBT persons and creating a legislative environment that is conducive to that goal.

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League of conservation voters action fund

LCV Action Fund Senior Vice President of Government Affairs Tiernan Sittenfeld said "Representative Darren Soto understands the threats that climate change poses to Florida and the entire country, and is working hard to transition to a clean energy future. We need his leadership in Congress now more than ever to combat the climate crisis and protect our air, water and lands. We are delighted to endorse him for reelection."

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human rights campaign.jpg

Human rights campaign

Darren is proud to receive the endorsement of the Human Rights Campaign, the largest national LGBTQ civil rights organization with more than three million members and supporters nationwide.

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FL afl-cio.png

Florida afl-cio union

Darren is proud to receive the endorsement of the Florida AFL-CIO.

President Mike Williams said "I've worked with Darren Soto for years, including nearly a decade while he served in the Florida Legislature. Union members and our families know Darren is on our side, that he gets it. Darren knows the American Dream starts with jobs that support working families. Soto has worked tirelessly to protect the safety of our members -- protect their healthcare and pensions, protect their right to organize, and protect their right to collectively bargain. The Florida AFL-CIO stands united with Darren Soto, a champion for workers."

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"We must keep Darren Soto in Congress. Not only is he a strong progressive and a great ally of the LGBT community, he is a highly effective advocate.

Darren is a fighter for equality -- for workforce and housing protections, for transgender students, for LGBT elders. He's a fighter for gun safety reform -- for universal background checks, banning assault weapons, and the other steps we need to get guns out of the hands of dangerous people. He's standing up to Trump's hate with love, and with organizing to help us Take Back the House.

I endorse Darren wholeheartedly. I'm doing everything I can to help Soto get re-elected, and I encourage all progressives and supporters of LGBT rights to join me."

Florida Young Democrats

Darren is proud to have the support of the Florida Young Democrats, the official Florida chapter of the Young Democrats of America.


Orlando Professional Fire Fighters, International Association of Fire Fighters Local 1365

Local 1365 President Ronald Glass called Soto, “an experienced public servant with a clear vision for the needs of Firefighters and the citizens of Orlando alike.”

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Central Florida Police Benevolent Association

CFPBA Political Director and local police officer Ron Beardslee said, "Law enforcement officers in Central Florida have no better friend than Darren. He understands what it takes to protect and serve the people, and he fights to get us what we need. Whether it's getting us funding for our officers and staff, equipment to do the job, or keeping guns away from dangerous people, Soto has our back. And we'll have his. The Central Florida PBA is proud to endorse Congressman Darren Soto for re-election."

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Florida LGBTA Democratic Caucus

Caucus President Terry Fleming said, “Darren Soto has been a strong and active supporter of the LGBT community, and our endorsement of him underscores his commitment to our issues. We appreciate his willingness to listen to his constituents and work to ensure equality for all Floridians.”

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Former Vice President Joe Biden

"Darren Soto is a highly effective legislator who keeps his head down, works hard, and delivers for his constituents. Central Floridians couldn't have a better person representing them in Congress.

Darren helped President Obama and I get elected twice and now he is working to protect the progress we made and help build upon it. We need Darren in Congress to keep our kids safe from guns; defend Social Security, Medicare, and Obamacare; protect our environment; and fight for our values.

Darren grew up in a neighborhood like I did, where a job was about a lot more than a paycheck. He knows that to have a strong economy we must strengthen and grow the middle class and that is why I am a proud to support Darren Soto, a proven progressive, for re-election."

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Emgage PAC:

Darren is proud to be endorsed by the Muslim American civil rights group Emgage PAC.

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Congressman John Lewis

Darren Soto is exactly the kind of leader we need in our country today. He brings a passion for fairness, justice, and equality for all. Against a tide of hatred, Darren knows that only love can save our country.

I've seen him quickly make his make his mark as a new Member of Congress. Darren has established himself as a champion of civil rights and progressive values, fighting to preserve Social Security and Medicare, standing up for affordable education, and protecting the environment.

Darren is a rising star because he's working to build the beloved community and give truth to America's founding credo that out of many, we are one.

Soto stands with the people of every race, religion, and creed in this country who need someone to speak up for them, so I am proud to stand with Darren. He has my full support and I hope the people of Central Florida will send him back to Congress, because we need him.

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Congressional Progressive Caucus PAC

Darren Soto is a fighter for economic justice. He works tirelessly for working Americans, and he always has. He marches for civil rights and civil liberties -- for Dreamers, for Muslims, for LGBTQ Americans. The struggle for women's equality has no better friend than Darren. Soto supports healthcare for all, a strong social safety net, and robust protections for workers who want to organize and fight for better wages and working conditions.

Soto knows we must defend our planet today -- or our children will have no tomorrow. He's not afraid to fight the corporate interests that created the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the Wall Street financial crisis, and the opiod epidemic. Darren knows that hard working Americans are hurt the most when greed runs wild, and he fights for those families with everything he's got. Darren's a rising leader with a bright future. The Progressive Caucus stands with Darren because he embodies progressive values -- he stands for the people, not for the privileged.

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Every Florida Democratic Member of Congress Endorses Soto

All 10 fellow Democratic Members of the Florida Delegation in the U.S. House of Representatives endorse Darren Soto for re-election:

Representative Al Lawson (FL-04), Representative Stephanie Murphy (FL-07), Representative Val Demings (FL-10), Representative Charlie Crist (FL-13), Representative Kathy Castor (FL-14), Representative Alcee Hastings (FL-20), Representative Lois Frankel (FL-21), Representative Ted Deutch (FL-22), Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL-23), and Representative Frederica Wilson (FL-24).

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Congresswoman Linda Sánchez

"Darren Soto is a fighter for Florida's working families and I am honored to serve with him in Congress. 

Darren has proven to be a tireless advocate for Latinos and immigrants. He doesn't just talk, he gets the job done. At every turn Darren has been there to champion rights for DREAMERS, the people of Puerto Rico, and for those who have temporary protected status. 

Darren is a leader in the new generation of Latinos rising to build a better country for all of us, and we need to keep him in the fight. I'm proud to support my brother Darren and I hope you will too."


Planned parenthood action fund

Planned Parenthood Action Fund (PPAF) endorsed Congressman Darren Soto for reelection to Congress. He has long held the organization's highest rating. In making the endorsement, Planned Parenthood AF's Executive Vice President Dawn Laguens said Soto has been "a strong supporter of women’s health and we know [he] will continue to be a dedicated advocate for Planned Parenthood health centers and the people they serve.”

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20 State, county, and local elected officials throughout the DistricT

Florida Senator Vic Torres

Florida Representative John Cortes,

Florida Representative Amy Mercado

Florida Representative Carlos Guillermo Smith

Florida Representative Kamia Brown

Orange Commissioner Emily Bonilla
Orange Soil and Water Convervation Board Chairman Eric Rollings
Osceola Sheriff Russell Gibson
Osceola Commissioner Brandon Arrington
Osceola Commissioner Cheryl Grieb
Osceola School Board Member Kelvin Soto
Kissimmee Mayor José Alvarez
Kissimmee Commissioner Angela Eady
Orlando Commissioner Sam Ings
Haines City Vice Mayor Morris West
Haines City Commissioner Horace West
Winter Haven Commissioner Nat Birdsong
Lake Wales Mayor Eugene Fultz
Lake Wales Commissioner Curtis Gibson
Lake Wales City Commissioner Flora “Tonya” Stewart

Florida Senator Vic Torres

I have known Congressman Darren Soto since his first run for office during a special election for a House seat. No one has worked harder for union members, students, seniors and now all the climate evacuees that have blessed central Florida with their arrival than Congressman Darren Soto. As a retired police officer and former marine myself, l can tell you that Darren vehemently supports veterans and first responders… In Tallahassee, he did the work taking care of Firefighters and their families making sure he addressed education and infrastructure issues. I’m with Congressman Darren Soto because he gets the job done!”