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Planned Parenthood joins Team Soto!

Big news: We just earned the endorsement of Planned Parenthood!

I’m honored to have the support of the pro-choice movement and am looking forward to working alongside Planned Parenthood to guarantee access to women’s health care and fight back against anti-choice extremists.

In the Florida Senate, I led the fight to kill a 24-hour abortion wait period proposal and laid the groundwork for the lawsuit that stopped it. I fought alongside Planned Parenthood to oppose proposals to defund women’s health clinics and restrict access to safe, legal abortion.

With your support, I’ll take this fight to Congress: Chip in right now and join me in fighting for women’s rights!

From coast to coast, anti-choice extremists are waging a crusade to restrict access to reproductive health care. They’re doing everything they can to pass absurd abortion restrictions and defund effective organizations like Planned Parenthood. In Congress, I’ll fight their efforts by supporting strong protections on women’s rights and their access to much-needed reproductive care clinics.

Together, we can make it happen. Make a donation right now and join me in fighting back against anti-choice attacks!


Posted on October 12, 2016.

Meet Darren

Darren Soto is an accomplished lawyer, legislator, environmentalist, and proud progressive representing the diverse, hardworking people of Central Florida in Congress. Darren has been a champion for Florida's working families in the Florida House and Senate and will continue the fight in Congress. FacebookTwitter

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