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Uh, oh, one of our opponents was caught in a lie.

Here’s the breaking news: Late yesterday, campaign mailers from one of our opponents’ campaign started landing in mailboxes. The mailer contains a blatant falsehood – a lie.

Here’s the Randolph lie: “Soto sponsored legislation to reduce the statute of limitations for victims to report rape.”

This is the exact opposite of the truth.

In the State Senate, I sponsored legislation to INCREASE and DOUBLE the statute of limitations from four years to eight years.  That gives rape survivors and law enforcement more time to find perpetrators, process the evidence, and make the case.

Here’s what I’m doing next: I have called on Susannah Randolph to retract her falsehood within 24 hours and tell us how she plans to correct the record with every Democratic voter to whom she sent this false information.

Here’s what you can do next: Absentee ballots are reaching voters today, and we need to make sure they know the truth.

This is the part of politics that we all hate. We’re Democrats and this isn’t how we do things.

Posted on July 27, 2016.

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Darren Soto is an accomplished lawyer, legislator, environmentalist, and proud progressive representing the diverse, hardworking people of Central Florida in Congress. Darren has been a champion for Florida's working families in the Florida House and Senate and will continue the fight in Congress. FacebookTwitter

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