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A win for women in Florida:

The attacks on women’s health and reproductive rights are out of control.

From a political witch-hunt in Congress targeting Planned Parenthood to absurd state laws aimed at shutting down clinics, politicians are injecting themselves into decisions that should only be between a woman and her doctor.

Last year, I was proud to lead the fight on the Senate Floor to defeat an atrocious 24-hour abortion waiting period bill.  As I said at the time, not only does it reduce access to care and increase health risks for women, it is unconstitutional.

Soon after, the ACLU filed a lawsuit challenging the law that quoted and used my arguments as a framework.

Here’s the good news: Today, the Florida Supreme Court put a hold on the anti-choice law, citing the same constitutional privacy arguments I made in the Senate debate.

This is an important win for women in Florida!

I will always stand up for the right of women to make their own health and family planning decisions.  I will fight for equal pay for equal work, paid family leave, and policies that support working women and families.  

I’m going to take this fight to Congress and together we’re going to end these attacks on the rights of women to make their own decisions.

Posted on April 22, 2016.

Meet Darren

Darren Soto is an accomplished lawyer, legislator, environmentalist, and proud progressive representing the diverse, hardworking people of Central Florida in Congress. Darren has been a champion for Florida's working families in the Florida House and Senate and will continue the fight in Congress. FacebookTwitter

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