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Sign the Petition: Stop GOP Voter Suppression!

We’ve made a lot of progress on racial justice over the past decades but the right to vote is still under attack: GOP extremists throughout the country are pushing for laws to restrict voting and keep the people’s voice from being heard. These voting suppression laws overwhelmingly benefit them as they disproportionately target working families and communities of color.

I’m fighting back, and so should you: Sign this petition to stop GOP voter suppression!

It’s outrageous that GOP extremists are trying to rig our democracy by systematically excluding voters that don’t agree with their right-wing agenda. There’s too much at stake in this year’s election to let the GOP extremists tilt the playing field in their favor.

We must do everything we can to defend the right to vote: Add your name to stop GOP extremists from obstructing democracy!

Posted on February 22, 2016.

Meet Darren

Darren Soto is an accomplished lawyer, legislator, environmentalist, and proud progressive representing the diverse, hardworking people of Central Florida in Congress. Darren has been a champion for Florida's working families in the Florida House and Senate and will continue the fight in Congress. FacebookTwitter

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